Tinker's Holiday Bash!

One of the best local gift shops if I've ever seen one!

I recently photographed an event at a local gift shop, Tinker's. It was their 29th annual holiday bash! This event kicks off their Christmas season, they don't sell anything Christmas related before the holiday bash. I'm glad I was able to be apart of it. I was so busy snapping photos that I wasn't able to shop, which hurt my inner shopper especially since I have a slight shopping addiction. I'm definitely going to be coming back when I find some time to grab everyone a quick Christmas present!! Even their soaps are to die for! 

I haven't submitted anything to a magazine before but I think I'm going to finally take the leap and do it because I'm honestly so proud of these photos. If you haven't been able to check this store out yet, I highly recommend you do. Give yourself some time too because there's so many little trinkets in here to look at.