Red Wing Park

Madison & Alec

A Couple’s Mini Session at Red Wing Park

Madison reached out to me a little while ago saying she wanted to do a couples session with her and her boyfriend. I was so excited because 1. I can’t get enough of Madison and 2. I was excited to meet her boyfriend finally.

They drove down to Virginia Beach from Yorktown that day and met me at Red Wing Park. It’s been so long since I had a session there so I was glad to be back!

Madison and Alec met during high school. He used to wrestle and she would attend meets to see her brother, so she always knew of him through that. They didn’t officially meet until Alec took her on a date to see Christmas Lights.


“Our favorite date night is to get dinner and see a movie. I also save all of our movie tickets and my pile is slowly getting out of hand.”


“One of my favorite funny stories is when Alec and I were making breakfast one morning and he offered to cook my omelet. I told him to only put a little bit of salt because too much could ruin it. After finishing up we sat down to eat and I took a bite of my omelet and immediately spit it out. He thought I told him to put a lot of salt, not a little, and put waaaayyyy too much in there. He offered to make me some more but I told him he’s never in charge of eggs again.”


Alec and Madison have so much in common too! It’s amazing when you’re able to find someone with the same life goals and humor as one another and that’s exactly the case for them. Madison said there’s not a day that goes by that they don’t make each other laugh.