Naomi Vinod, VCU Class of 2017

After hosting a contest on my Facebook page, Naomi was the random winner of my free VCU graduation shoot! 

Naomi is a biology major and her dream job is to work in the medical field and be apart of Doctors Without Borders. I asked her why she chose VCU in the first place and she told me that she really enjoys learning about new and different cultures and expanding her mindset. VCU is definitely the place for emerging yourself in different cultures and a variety of people!! She's also in an academic fraternity, Delta Epsilon Mu (ΔEM).

After a rainy few days, I was a little nervous the weather wouldn't be on our side today. She drove all the way from NOVA straight to our shoot. It was pouring in NOVA but thank goodness the weather held out for us today and for the rest of the shoots I had scheduled on this busy Sunday! If you want to know something crazy, she didn't even realize she was able to graduate early until hours before her classes were set in stone. What an amazing surprise! I need that to happen to me!! 

I was only planning on editing a few photos today but I got so excited I ended up finishing the whole thing!