Megan - a makeup artist with a dream

I worked with Meg recently for a styled senior photoshoot! From the moment we met (via instagram DM of course), I could tell she was eager to make her dream come true. It's so cool to meet people who really want to start their brand, young entrepreneurs are amazing! Meg is ambitious and full of life! She's also a junior makeup artist at Blush Tones

"Makeup and beauty have played a huge role in my life. My passion for makeup started when I began following makeup artists on YouTube and wondering how their eyeshadow had more than one color! From there, I moved on to practicing on myself everyday which made me realize that I was the most relaxed when it was just my makeup brushes and me. Makeup has been very therapeutic in my life.  When applying makeup on either myself or a client, I have to take a moment to just relax and focus on the canvas in front of me. 


When I was a sophomore in HighSchool I knew I wanted to get serious about makeup. Over the years, I have studied under various makeup artists along with well known celebrity makeup artists across the industry. Now, I find more accomplishment and joy in sharing what I have learned with others by making their makeup dreams come to reality. I absolutely love being a part of one of the most special moments in a woman's life as well as all of the other beauties that come to get glammed up!


So what does the future look like for Meg Bryan? Well, at first, I wanted to be in either LA or NYC being a celebrity makeup artist. But I soon realized that I wanted that title more than the actual position.  Now, I am very excited about opening my own studio in the future along with teaching classes to other aspiring makeup artists. 


If I have learned anything so far in my two professional years as a makeup artist is that you are the only one that will hold yourself back.  Do not ever let your age hold you back wether you think you are too young or too old. As an 18 year old, I can say in my experience that there were times when i thought, “well maybe in the future when I’m older”.  But why wait? What is holding one back from everything that is in reach? I always say and remind myself one must be willing to work hard, fail and make mistakes, and grow from it."

- Megan

Makeup artists are so important! Not only do they know what they're doing and help truly accentuate the beauty of a client, but it helps with a photographer's editing time as well. Working with a makeup artist for any kind of session is completely worth the investment. 

Here are some photos from our shoot!