Katelyn + Brandon

I met Katelyn while working with her at Platos Closet. We ended up becoming good friends through that and a few years later here we are! I don't think I've met anyone with style as good as her or anyone as bright and welcoming. 

Katelyn met Brandon on Tinder! At first he just wanted to be friends but then he had a bad day one day and Katelyn surprised him with a pizza delivered to his house. After that, things were different! 

Katelyn said Williamsburg was probably one of their favorite dates that they've been on. They took the whole day and walked around colonial Williamsburg, went to the bakery, stopped at a brewery, and ended the day at the outlets. They both love discovering new places and particularly enjoy watching the office and anything sports related. 

Here are some photos from our mini session together. I don't know about you but these photos make my heart melt!! I'm so thankful I met Katelyn and that she introduced me to Brandon too!