Jasmine is Glowing!

Jasmine & Steven

I met Jasmine through Her Campus at VCU, for some reason we both were excited to sit next to each other at the first meeting even though we've never met before. Well, I'm glad I did! Jasmine's major at VCU is print and online journalism (check out some of her articles). She's written some awesome articles about food - we're both foodies! Jasmine is expecting to graduate in 2019.

Jasmine and Steven have been together 4 years going on 5 and I already know their baby is about to be soooo beautiful. I'm happy I was able to convince her to take these maternity photos! At first, she was a little worried about how they would turn out but now she's glad I made her! There was absolutely nothing to be self conscious about! We were originally supposed to take photos on the rocks at belle isle, but we ended up on a time crunch so we took photos on the rocks behind the parking lot. Yes, the parking lot. It really wasn't the prettiest venue back there but we made it work, and the optimal lighting did my job for me. You can't even tell there's a bunch of busy cars driving over the bridge behind us. That's a photographers job - make the best of what you have. Jasmine brought some super adorable baby converse to the shoot too. She said she's definitely excited to dress him up in cute little clothes. Check out some of their photos!