Detail Shot Cheat Sheets, literally

I made it one of my goals of 2018 to take more detail shots. Typo Boutique was kind enough to send me a bunch of amazing (and great quality may I add) wedding invitations to practice on. After I received their package, I took a trip to Michael's and threw a bunch of little details to photograph in my cart. Michaels has great sales almost every day so I bought ribbon, plants, and paper. 

Large pieces of paper is a great cheat sheet to use when you don't have a nice white or pretty background to photograph on. A square sheet of paper for small details is great to travel with too!! I definitely recommend checking out your local craft store or to even check out Etsy!

Here's a few photos of my setup/behind the scenes:


Okay, I forgot to take behind the scene photos when I photographed the wedding invitations, but I did remember to take them when I took detail shots for Her Campus at VCU today! It was basically the exact same set up!

Here's the final product:

I know you're seeing the same ring, but I only had my cute little pandora ring to practice on!

I know you're seeing the same ring, but I only had my cute little pandora ring to practice on!

Staying Motivated in a Moment of Rejection

Today was a little discouraging - so what?


There are very few things that excite me more than an inquiry popping up in my inbox, besides really good coffee and seeing my dog when I come home from school. I think I check my school and photography emails more than I check my twitter feed. 

I was waiting at a coffee shop that I haven't tried before.  I wanted to get some stuff done like pay my very overpriced electricity bill and get rid of my amazon bill due to my online shopping addiction. I'd like to say I was pretty productive today. I was also looking forward to meeting a potential bride here today, but I got an email I never like seeing. She found another photographer who was a better fit. That was my moment of discouragement for the day.  Talking to a new client over a cup of coffee was supposed to be the highlight of my day. I could either do two things; be bummed about it and go home or turn this into a learning experience. I took my 5 minutes to feel sorry for myself and then went right back. I ended up staying at the coffee shop sipping a really huge (it was the smallest size) hazelnut latte and what do you know - 3 more wedding opportunities came my way! 

When someone tells you they've decided to go with someone else whether it be a different trainer, mentor, or photographer, take this as an opportunity to learn. How can you use this experience to make your business better? Or your client's experience better? Or even carry yourself differently? If you can't change the situation, then change yourself. I learned that helpful tip from a new podcast. (I'll talk about that later). I wish I could give wiser advice on what to do in the moment of rejection but I'm still learning myself, as a 20 year old student. 

There's a few things that I'd like to improve on as well. I'm working on better tailoring my emails to be more informative and more interesting by starting to create more email templates yet still be able to keep them personable. With that, I'm also creating a client welcome guide! So exciting! The guide is going to be magazine style, including pages on what to expect from a photo session with me, how I describe my shooting and photo style, tips on what to wear to a session, and a bunch more. Every day my goal is to improve one small thing to contribute to the bigger picture, my passion and business. 

As I mentioned, I've been listening to podcasts to help better myself and my business every morning while I do my makeup. Check out "The Daily Boost" or "The Happy Melly Podcast" on spotify for a little inspiration every morning. Check them out for a quick pick me up in the morning, you could even include a motivational podcast on your morning commute!

But anyways, what did I learn today? That this is going to happen to me a bunch of times and the only thing I should take away from rejection is the positives.