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Hi there. My name is Chelsea Schmidt and I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer. I am full time business marketing major at VCU and a full time photographer! Whew!! When I find some free time I enjoy exploring the restaurants Richmond has to offer and laying out on a beach towel at Belle Isle's rocks.

How did I get into this whole photo thing?

It started when my parents bought me the camera I begged them for, freshman year of high school. I took photos of nearly everything including the one direction album I got for Christmas that year and random flowers around the house. After I started practicing with my camera on my friends, I realized I was really fascinated by the outcome. Bokeh and light is such a beautiful thing! What's better than turning your passion into a career? So that's what I did - and am still working on!

What about me?

Yes, you! Thank you so much for stopping by my site. I love to treat my clients to a yummy cup of coffee while we share ideas. I am here to listen to you and your vision and make it come to life. I'm so excited to hear from you!



photo taken by Morgan Renee Photography